Strawberry and Halloumi Salad

SONY DSCEver since I first tried black pepper on strawberries I’m a sucker for unconventional uses of this tasty fruit.

  • 6 slices (1cm) Halloumi (shop bought or see my recipe in Miscellaneous)
  • 4 large strawberries (or 6 smaller ones etc)
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 2 handfuls salad leaves
  • Green ends of spring onions (optional)

1. Slice the strawberries lengthwise – about 5mm thick sprinkle both sides with black pepper and place in a sealable container, cover with balsamic vinegar and seal. Leave in the refrigerator for an hour or so, agitating occasionally to make sure all sides of the strawberry marinate properly.

2. Prepare the salad leaves. In the case of the photo I have used spinach leaves and sliced up iceberg lettuce with a sprinkling of coriander leaves. Bistro leaves such as lollo rosso go very well here too. Add the optional green spring onion trimmings if desired.

3. Brown the halloumi in a lightly oiled frying pan, or grill until browned.

4. Arrange the strawberry slices and the halloumi with the salad leaves.

5. Sprinkle the marinade over the salad. This Marinade now has a gorgeous strawberry flavour and aroma – so keep any left over for a future salad dressing.

FODMAPS: All nicely safe a quick (if you’ve remembered to pop the strawberries into a marinade beforehand) and delicious lunch snack or starter.

Inspired and simplified from


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